How to create the perfect blog

In reality you might want to ask a blogger if there is anything truly like the word ‘the perfect blog?’ I think the article ‘the’ there seems to point to something different, something being missed, that every blogger should be case sensitive of to succeed. If you want to find out what that is? Then you are more than just in line with me.

First things first the rudiments:


Now to the next stage, let’s consider all this together not individually but collectively to meet up with our ends meet- to create the perfect blog;



Niche means the specialized area a blogger feels like writing on. What do you consider writing on? Something that makes you feel really comfortable to write on; Car writes ups, fictions, Non-fictions, Cooking, Political Controversial topics, gossips, sex education. Every niche today started with a blogger challenging itself in forming up an article. Whatever niche you decide to write on always make sure the reason why you are going into it is unique, something persons reading will find unique in yours from what other veteran in the niche you picked have been working on.
NOTE: Don’t just write, research on it and then put it out there to the public, for those who are going to be your readers, which leads to the next point- Audience!



The niche you pick will keep you prepared on who your audience could be – Single mothers, Sport fans, Political persons, idealistic, philosophers etc. Which means every blogger or proposed blogger should importantly consider when writing on who his readers will be?



It’s not every time a writer gets to pen down his words (this is referring to any blogger outside the feed of updates- news, entertainment, or sport news) EVEN fashion bloggers or fashion entertainers does this too just as the picture above of Jeannie Mia (An American makeup artist, Fashion expert, actress, and TV personality.
We have all got to plan ahead to make our dreams of blogging be a dream of perfection.



Loving your audience and treating them with lots of goodies with promotion strategy a blogger out there is adding to the qualification of making for itself a certificate of perfection.
Share snippet of post to social media networks. So take it upon yourself to do well first in having great social media recognition and not just that, getting your followers or audience connected to you all time via means of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter account, Instagram video or picture post, BBM, Linked in and many more.



The comment or feedback given by readers is JUST AS IMPORTANT as the words posted on the page.
BRINGING OR REMINISCING HAPPENINGS AROUND EVEN IF IT’S NOT PART OF THE NICHE. SOMETHING THAT BASICALLY keeps the blog alive. Do you also know that 75% of readers who go through your post always look for a friendly audience response site for many reasons, apart from just communicating how well they love it, correcting or even adding few more ideas to the content written.

They want to feel and know more about you outside the words just as it is for celebrities; Thespian, Musicians, T.V and Radio OAP (On Air Personality) writers – their fans love for them also extend to daily lives outside their job.

By all means a blogger shouldn’t take ‘blogging’ as a means to fame, to become a celebrity and if you wish to do so for fame, wish you the best but you know, you’ve got to work a whole lot to get to the top blogging is no easy job if you are lazy to provide content.



Bloggers traffic target should always increase daily or weekly. To get a responsive blog the blogger should always innovate ways to push the site’s traffic to trend. Is it because I refer to my personal life or to similar situations in the environment?

Simple reply to all of it YES! If you get the love of a reader from the very first day, blog site URL comes to the readers mind readily and being a lover of it, it will surprise you how often your traffic will increase with him introducing others with that similar love of niche, and who knows how this love will fly out to become others addictive URL site.



Always try to make a blog post better than the last. The more consistent you get in writing, the better you be and if you are actually aren’t sure of how to write better don’t hold back ask for help from persons good at this, or take courses online. No one wants to read blogs from a site where the writer doesn’t improve its writing skills with poor sentence construction, punctuation, irrelevancy of words, flow of sentences and many more.


a) Give catchy titles/ headlines.
b) Think of the length of content – what works perfect for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Google?
c) Use of images – readers love something graphical to keep them going.
d) Make your contents have value to the society, be interesting, be honest, use yourself as an example, develop a unique style of writing that will make readers read a post word for word from the beginning to the end without getting bored, research on your writing and always keep your audience eager to finding innovative items on it.
e) Always read through your write ups or give someone to edit. It must be error free and almost perfect!!

Then you are on your way to creating a perfect blog.

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